August 30, 2023

Multi Split Vs Multi-Head Split Vs Ducted

Choosing Between Multi Split, Multi-Head Split and Ducted Air Conditioning Systems in Noosa

When it comes to deciding on the perfect air conditioning system for your Australian home or business, you're faced with a crucial question: should you go for multiple splits systems, multi-head split system or opt for a ducted air conditioning solution? We're here to shed some light on how each system works, their advantages and disadvantages, all while keeping your budget in mind.

Pros and Cons of Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning Systems

As the name suggests, split systems consist of two separate components: the indoor unit that cools your room and the outdoor condenser. A multi-head split system takes it up a notch by running multiple indoor units from a single outdoor unit, which means you can cool multiple rooms without the hassle of installing an external unit for each indoor unit.

Beyond the aesthetic perk of avoiding multiple external units cluttering your exterior walls, this system hands you complete control over which rooms receive cooling and at what temperature. This flexibility caters effectively to varying cooling preferences, while also helping you save energy by cooling only the spaces in use.

The biggest plus? These systems are versatile and fit well in any property type, even those with low ceilings or limited roof space. All they require is some wall space for the internal and external units. Plus, with the right multi-head split air system, you can keep your space toasty in winter and refreshingly cool in summer.

The drawbacks? Multi-head split systems are more expensive to purchase and install compared to a single split system. However, if you need to cool multiple rooms or your entire home, they're a more cost-effective choice than installing multiple single split systems. Another potential drawback is that you'll have an internal unit in each room you want to cool, which might pose cosmetic or space challenges. Another factor is availability. As the multi-head split system will be unique to your requirement the hardware needs to be ordered to meet your your specific needs. ... so if you need to done today ...sorry but these are not systems that are kept in stock and will require approx 3 weeks lead time.

To ensure the perfect fit for your home, our professional installers can assess your property and tailor your multi-head split air system to your cooling needs and design preferences.

Pros and Cons of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

We have talked about Ducted AC a lot ... Ducted air conditioning systems offer a lot to love. These systems are discreetly tucked away from sight, with units installed in the roof space or a hidden area against your external wall. Chilled air flows through ducts in your roof to unobtrusive vents in each room, effectively cooling your entire space without affecting its aesthetics. Depending on your chosen technology, you can create customised cooling zones, optimising each room's temperature and saving money by not cooling unused spaces. And here's a bonus: many modern ducted systems can double as heating systems in winter.

But, as with any choice, there are some caveats. Ducted systems come with a higher installation cost and demand sufficient roof space to house the unit and ducting. If your home has low ceilings or limited roof space, a ducted system might not be feasible. Installation is also more involved due to the need for vents in each room, potentially resulting in higher labor costs compared to a split system. However, as the size of the building increases, ducted systems can become a cost-effective option compared to installing multiple separate split air conditioning units or even a multi-head split system.

One significant benefit of ducted systems is their long-term energy efficiency, particularly in large buildings. This efficiency translates to consistent savings on your utility bills. If your goal is uniform cooling throughout your home or office, coupled with the convenience of smart technology for customisation, ducted systems offer a cost-effective solution.

But.. Having Said all that...

It's not always a 'This Vs That' situation, depending on your building and space, a comibation of these systems can work well together as a unified Air conditioning Solution.

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