October 26, 2023

No excuse for Dodgy workmanship

Recently we were called to a service job. We were servicing a ducted system installed only 3 years a go. The initial install carried out by one of Noosa most experienced (and reputable) Air Conditioning companies (Whom we will not name). To say we were shocked and amazed is an understatement. The workmanship was an embarassment to our profession!

We have just a couple of photos that sum up the install.

Crooked Controller ...We don't have OCD ... but this one hurts!
Living Close to the Noosa Beach after just 3 years with no rust treatment.

Because we live in Noosa and we know the environment, we strongly encourage all our customers to get the optional rust prevention treatment on an all their outdoor condenser units. Being so close to the ocean and the high humidity will decrease the lifespan significantly if not addressed.

You can rest assured that this sort of workmanship is not acceptable on our jobs. Our team work to the highest standards. union completion of the work, we do a full QA check... and we will not handover to the customer until it is perfect. ... if whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied we will rectify immediately.

Let's work together

If you are thinking about installing or repairing an air conditioning system, speak with us. Our local Noosa based team would love to work with you.