July 18, 2023

Remember the Filters: The Key to an Energy-Efficient Home

It's that time of year when we like to get organised. We clean out our wardrobes, give the kitchen cupboards a good scrub, and toss out accumulated clutter. However, one aspect often overlooked is our air conditioner filters. Though they may be small components of a larger unit, they play a crucial role. These filters are essential for maintaining clean air, reducing running costs, and improving energy efficiency in your Noosa home.

Fortunately, cleaning or changing filters is a relatively simple task that requires a bit of your attention. We have compiled some guidelines to help you determine when your filters need refreshing and how to do it effectively.

Why are Filters so Important?

While replacing filters may appear insignificant, there are several reasons why they deserve attention. Filters play a vital role in keeping your air clean. Take a moment to open your indoor unit and observe your filter. You'll be amazed by the amount of dust and debris it accumulates. Allowing these pollutants to linger in your unit can significantly affect the air quality your family breathes. The presence of allergens in the air can even lead to health issues such as headaches, asthma symptoms, and fatigue.

Another significant reason to regularly check, clean, and replace filters is the impact on cost. When a unit becomes clogged with dirt, it must work harder to perform efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills. Dust and dirt can also penetrate the machine itself, leading to costly breakdowns and premature failure-certainly not ideal on a scorching summer day.

How Often Should Filters be Replaced?

If you've never cleaned your aircon filter, you're not alone. Many people are unaware of this necessary maintenance task. However, filters should ideally be cleaned or replaced every month during peak summer and winter months. It may sound excessive, but you'll be surprised by the amount of grime that accumulates in a short span of time. For the rest of the year, cleaning at the beginning of each season is generally sufficient.

Keeping Filters Fresh

Filters come in two types: washable and reusable or disposable and replaceable. Your first step is to determine which type your air conditioner unit has. If it's a disposable filter, you can skip steps 2 and 3 below (just make sure you have a replacement filter before starting).

  1. Locate your air conditioner filter. For a ducted system, the filter is typically situated behind the return air grille in the ceiling, often found in a hallway. If you have a split system, lift the front fascia cover and remove the filters to clean them.
  2. Once you've located your filter, rinse it thoroughly under a tap.
  3. Leave the filter in a shaded area to dry completely before reinstalling it.
  4. Ensure you don't turn on your unit until the filter is back in its original place.
  5. We recommend setting a reminder to repeat the cleaning process in two to three months.

If you still have the instruction manual that came with your air conditioner, it's worth referring to it for specific instructions or tips on cleaning the filters for your particular unit.

No Time for Filter Maintenance?

Not everyone has the time or inclination for extensive household maintenance. If you fall into this category, give us a call and we can organise to schedule a filter clean every 6 or 3 months.

Let's work together

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