Education Servicing & Maintenance

Education Servicing & Maintenance

Create the Ideal Learning Environment

In Japan, nearly half of the classrooms are equipped with air conditioning

Let's have our Noosa Students look forward to returning to cool classrooms after their break!

When it comes to learning, environmental factors can significantly influence students of all ages in Australia. While we often consider elements like lighting, colour, furniture, audio stimuli, indoor plants, and layout, there is another less visible factor that can greatly affect the learning environment 'air quality'.

When a classroom becomes too hot (or Cold), the brain constantly reminds the body to address the temperature, making it harder to focus. It's not just students who are affected; teachers also struggle, resulting in less energy dedicated to teaching and reduced attention given to students.

Air conditioning provides a simple solution to address the climate issue in classrooms. The right air conditioner can maintain an ideal temperature for learning.

Let's work together

If you are thinking about installing or repairing an air conditioning system, speak with us. Our local Noosa based team would love to work with you.