July 18, 2023

What is Ducted Air Conditioning? And how can it benefit your Noosa home?

Ducted air conditioning is a centralised cooling system commonly found in commercial buildings and modern homes. It comprises an outdoor unit that pumps refrigerant to an indoor unit typically located in the ceiling. This indoor unit connects to vents in each room through a network of ducts, distributing cool air throughout the house. Despite being more expensive than other cooling systems, ducted air conditioning offers numerous benefits.

The technical stuff you don't really need to know (we do)

To understand how ducted air conditioning works, let's examine its components. An outdoor unit houses the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. The compressor propels refrigerant through the system, while the condenser removes heat from the refrigerant and releases it outside. The expansion valve regulates the refrigerant flow into the evaporator coil, situated in the indoor unit. As the refrigerant passes through the coil, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air. This cooled air is then circulated throughout the house via the duct system. The process continues until the desired temperature is achieved, after which the system cycles off until cooling is needed again.

The advantages of a Ducted system

Ducted air conditioning systems offer several advantages over other cooling options, such as split systems and portable air conditioners. One notable benefit is energy efficiency. Ducted systems are more energy-efficient since they use a single indoor unit instead of multiple units like split systems. Additionally, they are more efficient than portable units because they do not lose cooled air through open windows or doors. Moreover, ducted systems operate quietly, making them ideal for sleeping or minimising disturbances caused by noisy cooling systems. Another advantage is temperature control, as ducted systems allow for individual room airflow adjustments, enabling different areas of the house to be maintained at varying temperatures based on specific needs. Furthermore, ducted systems are aesthetically appealing as they remain hidden in the ceiling, preserving the overall look of the home compared to visible split systems and portable units.

Why we like Ducted systems

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency, on centralised condenser unit to cool the while's systems
  • Quiet, ...its effectively silent in the room and perfect for sleeping
  • Control over each room
  • A single point of maintenance

The disadvantages of a Ducted System

For you the upfront cost is more. For our tradesmen, spending up to 2 days in a roof cavity in Noosa heat is gruelling work. So to look after our tradesmen we only install Ducted systems from March through to November. Outside these months it can reach 60°C in our roof cavities. For the health and safety of our workers we have made it policy not to install in these months. ...So get in earlier and don't leave it until the weather warms up!

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